Sponsors & Donors

Below we’ve listed a number of people and companies who have donated to Moseley & Kings Heath Shed (M&KHS) and helped us make progress.

We Trustees and members thank you all!

April 2017
A big thank you to Jacko from Choice Electrical – http://www.choiceelectrical.co.uk/
for rewiring the shed.
Jacko spent many days of his time which has main a real difference.
Thank you Jacko.

April 2017
£495 donation from Stan Hems which was put towards insulation for the shed roof.
Thank you Stan

August 2016
A big thank you to Davies Timber, Alcester Road, Wythall who have again supported the shed with off cuts of timber – www.daviestimber.co.uk – Thank you.

June 2016
£100 donation from Victorian Tea Rooms which was put towards a new screws, oil
and general  products required for the running of the shed. Thank you.

April 2016
£100 donation from Kings Heath Business Association which was put towards a new industrial vacuum for the shed. Thank you www.khba.org

April 2016
£100 donation from Stan Hems which was put towards a new industrial vacuum for the shed. Thank you Stan

October 2015
Thank you to Chris Woodus of CW Scaffolding for the loan of his scaffolding.
The scaffolding was used to repair the shed roof.

September 2015
Thank you to the Big Lottery for helping us purchase tools for the shed.

September 2015
Mick Dale – Contacted us via our Twitter account / our website and donated excellent woodworking tools. Thank you Mick.

September 2015
www.chrisleeconstruction.co.uk for 500 plus roofing tiles. Thank you Lee

September 2015
Oh my goodness, thank you LEN for donating a brand-new microwave oven! It’ll make heating up food or drinks during the cold weather so much easier! You’re a star!

September 2015
Bryn Price, for spending the day with us on Saturday (19th), for providing and fitting the much needed guttering for the shed roof.

September 2015
Johnstans (the butchers) for once again coming to our rescue by providing the tiles, felt and timber for the window-sills we’d been trying to source. Thank you!

2014 & 2015
David Rogers, Chair of Moseley and Kings Head Shed, for all the relentlessly work and negotiations you did in finding our current location within Kings Heath Park.
Also all the hands on projects you do on a day to day basis. A big thank you.

2014 & 2015 – Stuart Twigg
Our Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Fundraiser and general all-round good guy …
For all the stuff you’ve provided and for the contacts you have made which have helped us so much.

2014 & 2015
Larry Potter (The Prof) who is our founder member.
For ALL the things you’ve provided, bought and made. Our thanks for everything!

September 2015
Maggie D – For giving us the two ring electric hob unit, which will enable us to heat up soup during cold and wintry days!

August 2015
Jan  – (Parks Department)
For donating bicycles and a whole range of metal items.

July – August 2015
Beryl – For donating two bicycles and a sheet of timber.

August 2015
Angela Billingham – For loaning us a great number of specialist tools to enable our ‘Members’ carry out copper-work; for the bench-guillotine and for the various other tools.

Paul Tyrrell – For being our best advocate, for setting up ‘deals’ and finding people and organisations which are prepared to help in all kinds of ways; and for providing more than we can ever list here. Thank you Paul!

July / August 2015
Bryn Price – MDF boards, Timber and felt for the roof and many hours of free labour.

August 2015
Tools for Africa, Kings Heath Park – Thank you for donating a Vice, spanners and all kinds of tools.

August 2015
Johnstans Butchers, Kings Heath – Thank you for the purchase of of 1000 flyers.

July 2015
Pete Travis – Thank you for providing us with the wherewithal to fit a solid oak floor in the rest-room/kitchen (once we stop the water leaks)

June 2015
Johnstans Butchers, Kings Heath – Timber for repairing window frame. Thank you.

June 2015
Johnstans Butchers, Kings Heath – 3 vices from Tools for Africa. Thank you.

May 2015
Haldex Ltd (Swedish multi-national company) – Donation of  an amazing volume of furniture, office and workshop equipment, hand and measuring tools. Thank you.

May 2015
Haldex Ltd (Swedish multi-national company) – Donation of  £2,000 (Donation made for work completed by Larry Potter) – Thank you