Please see the text at the bottom of the page which describes some of the products.

Acacia Heart

Hearts of all sizes can be made using wood whose colour, grain and figuring reflect the shape being cut.  Many other shapes can be made besides hearts and the shapes can be made as fridge magnets or brooches as well as plain.


Ash bowl

This ash bowl is approximately seven inches in diameter and about two inches deep. It has some olive markings. Bowls cover a wide range of sizes and those made from ash vary widely in colour from bright ‘white’ to darker olive ash.


Assorted treen

This shows a range of small bowls, pens, buttons, spurtles and Christmas bells ready to go on sale at a local craft fair.


Christmas tree bells Ash, Sycamore, Mixed

These bells are intended as Christmas tree ornaments. They are complete with clapper and string to hang them. They are made in a variety of quality wood such as Ash, Sycamore and Beech.


Coffee scoops

These are described as coffee scoops for which they are perfect but will just as well for anything else you want to scoop. They are all made in contrasting woods for scoop and handle and are finished with a food-safe oil.


Crochet-needle case

This case is about 150mm long x 30mm diameter and is ideal for crochet needles. It is made from Yew with a Corian trim and the lid is a tight push fit. Needle cases can be made to all sorts of dimensions to suit a variety of needle sizes.


Desk-tidy pots

These are useful for pens and pencils on your desk but are equally at home on a dressing table for make-up brushes, nail-files and eye-liner pencils. Whatever you choose to use them for they come in a variety of woods – oak, yew, cherry, or apple and laurel like these two.