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Outreach Activities

The Shed doesn’t just serve its members. We believe that it’s important to serve our local community too. 

Our ‘Community Outreach’ programme helps members of the local community and we will put our skills to use to meet needs when and where we can. 

Since The Shed was founded, it has made and repaired items for the local community including notice boards and planters for libraries and community gardens.

Below is a selection of our projects. 

Ramping up Foodbanks

Recently a local food bank (one of the largest and busiest in Birmingham) located in Cotteridge, had to move to a new building. Unfortunately, access to the new building was across a step. This caused problems with moving the wheeled cages of food in and out of the building.

We were asked if we could help by providing a suitable ramp. Following a visit by members of The Shed to assess the problem, we got to work to make, deliver and install a suitable solution; this was done without any cost to the food bank and makes their much-needed work considerably easier.

Kings Heath Park

There is a beautifully landscaped pond in Kings Heath park and a group, led by members, of The Shed have planted over 1000 bulbs around the pond, providing a lovely ‘show’ every year.

Friends of Billesley Common

The Shed made custom information boards for the Valley Riverside Project on Billesley Common. 

They welcome new volunteers. If you’re interested, please call Pat on +4407814 475599