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Outreach Projects

The Pandemic forced the closure of our Shed.

We had many phone calls and messages asking us about reopening. People were worried and anxious and wanted to know when they could return to continue with their activities. Clearly people could not come to the Shed. The idea was hatched where the Shed could go out to members and nion members. The Outreach Project was our answer.

Activities would take place in members own homes, premises with safe spaces and in care homes where people were confined without diversionery actiivities.

Steve Jay, Jo Potter, Rob Treadwell, Larry and Saeed met to discuss the possibility of trying Mosaics, Glasswork and Art & drawing.

We applied for funding to the Wesleyan Fund via the Heart of England Foundation and were successful with an award of £2000.

Art materials were bought and the Friends Meeting House in Colmore Rd was booked. This building was large enough to allow safe operations although we had to be pretty thorough with cleaning after each session.

Mosaics materials were bought. A fair amount of preparation has to be done with the tiles, creation of wooden blanks, templates and photocopying of pictures and gluing on to boards.

Glass working materials were bought to enhance our boxes. These were loaned out, but was more difficult as kits were only loaned to individuals with some experience of safe working with glass.

The Outreach Project has continued to develop.

The Art sessions have progressed on to meeting in local venues where they paint and draw. VIsits to galleries have also taken place. The group is now self propelling as a WhatsApp group. Please contact Rob Treadwell if you wish to join.

The Glass Boxes have been loaned, retuned and taken out again. There have been some lovely pieces of work created.

The Mosaics have really taken off at the Trinity Apartments in Solihull. This is a form of shelterd accommodation. We are grateful to the management for allowing us use of communal areas.

A group regularly meets under the supervision of Steve and Jo. Much has been done at the apartments to the delight of residents.

Being creative, getting results with gentle guidance and support from our volunteer supervisors has enhanced the physical and mental health of many individuals. Our Outreach Project has been successful and we hope it continues to be so.