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Saturday 27th January, 2024, was a special day at the Moseley & Kings Heath Shed (M&KH Shed). No activities were scheduled other than to gather together to remember two founder members of the M&KH Shed who had passed away. The shed members were joined by the families of both gentlemen:

Mr Richard Banks & Mr Larry Potter

After a word of welcome to the families and members, by Mr Saeed Ghinai, Mrs Nikki Banks cut the ribbon to officially open the new additional shed that had been purchased and fitted out, due to the tireless efforts of both Richard and Larry.

The new shed was named the “Branch Line” in memory of Richard. An old railway sign had been acquired and refurbished and now took pride of place on the new shed. As well as having Richard’s name, it also denoted the fact that Richard was a railway enthusiast.

The original building used by M&KH Shed is to be renamed in memory of Larry Potter. This will be named “Larry’s Old Pottering Shed”. The sign has yet to be installed on the building.

Larry with his invention for cutting pipes.

Larry was a very humble and private man, dedicated to his family, who spent most of his working life in industry in the Midlands. He is credited with and invention for the plumbing industry of a pipe cutter which is now very much the industry standard tool.

Larry, was a supervisor/teacher in the glass activity group at the shed and all were grateful for his guidance and patience. He always had time for all!

Refreshments and lunch was prepared and served to all by the members of the shed