Members / Projects

Below are images of our members at work together with completed and work on progress projects.

January 2018 – More images from our Glass class 

August 2017 – Saeed, Pete, Dave and Alan – Working and completed projects


June 2017 – Colin made this beautiful Toy Box. Great work Colin.

May 2017 – Alan has made this beautiful planter. Well done Alan and Gary for helping.

October 2016 – We have now started doing a Glasswork session each Thursday between 10am and 12 noon.

Below Images

1) Michael has made a brilliant metal log holder. Well done Michael

2) Mark and Ron working with the Park Rangers on new hedgehog boxes. Great work lads.

3) Alan and his daughter making a table stand. Well done both.

4) Judith has done a great repair on a patio box for her daughter.