About Us

Moseley and Kings Heath Shed is a development of the typical shed in the garden, where  men have traditionally escaped housework and pursued their own practical interests without interruption.  In our ‘shed’ there is more space, tools, equipment and materials, and of course there are people with knowledge, experience and skills which enables and encourages members to make, mend, re-purpose, or follow their own projects or hobbies.

Moseley & Kings Heath Shed
Moseley & Kings Heath Shed

Members of Moseley and Kings Heath Shed may not only find they benefit from better facilities, but also elements of a workplace that many people tell us they miss, such as having a  role or purpose, workmates, getting help problem solving, learning from or helping their peers, being able to be creative, or even the simple pleasure of working with their hands!


Moseley and Kings Heath Shed’s main purpose is to help reduce loneliness, isolation or social exclusion, among older men and women. We have already begun to attract people from these groups to the ‘shed’, where there’s an accessible, friendly, warm and welcoming place to gather, chat, share, socialise and enjoy a hot drink.

Members can choose to take part in one of the activities that are available, or bring along one of their own projects on which to work. We have already found that many enjoy sharing their experience, knowledge, expertise and skills with others, generating interest, involvement and helping generate commitment to the shed.

Although the national body for ‘sheds’ is Mens Sheds, www.menssheds.org.uk,our ‘shed’  welcomes both women and men as members.

Moseley & Kings Heath Shed
Moseley and Kings Heath Shed Mural was designed and painted by Rob Treadwell (January 2016). Rob is also a Trustee of the shed. The mural takes pride of place on the wall in our restroom at the shed. Thank you so much Rob. You are so talented.

As we grow older, we may become isolated in our own homes, feel excluded from society, experience loneliness , or even fear going outside, which in some may lead to poor physical or mental health.
Moseley and Kings Heath Shed’s main purpose is to help maintain and improve well-being and to provide purpose-in-life for the individual, whilst they share, mend or make within the workshop.

The shed is equipped mainly for wood-working, as experience shows that this is where the main interest lies. However, there are also fully-equipped metal-working spaces. Both the Trustees and members are keen to expand the range of available activities as more funding becomes available. Besides the ‘softer’ crafts such as weaving and sewing, interest has been shown in leather-work and hot metal-work using a forge, hammers and anvil.


We are fortunate too, in that one of our members is an experienced teacher of copper-working, and is an excellent jewellery-maker. Occasional ‘taster sessions’ are available from time to time. Watch the website and Face-Book for details.

Members enjoy learning from each other and sharing our life-experience over a cuppa. Projects that people choose vary and may be for individual or community benefit, large or small, practical or artistic, and they almost always reuse or re-purpose materials that have been donated.  Work undertaken for the community can prove particularly rewarding and appreciated, for example, building and repairing items for other organisations, charities, schools or local community projects.

Current opening times are Wednesday and Thursday afternoons between 13.00 and 16.00.
There’s also an open invitation to anyone and everyone who would like to find out more, to come and meet us on Wednesday afternoons between 13.00 and 15.00, and enjoy a hot drink in the ‘Potting Shed’ in Kings Heath Park.

After Christmas we plan to review and revise the days and times when the ‘shed’ will be open and available for members, and this information will be published on this website, and on Face-Book.

Please see our ‘Latest News’ page for regular updates.